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Everything you need for productive collaboration and corporate data management in Google Apps

Gmail for Business

Corporate email with your domain (user@company.ru) that features convenient search, chats and video conferences. Gmail for Business is 30 GB of data per user, virus and spam filters, approachable mobile access, cOutlook compatibility and much more. Gmail works on any device, and its autonomous mode allows you to continue working even without an active Internet connection.

Each user gets 30 GB of data that can be increased. Google Business users get unlimited space!

Stay in the loop from any device, even if you have trouble with Internet connection

Gmail works wonders in any email client: Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat.

Google guarantees service’s accessibility for 99,9% of the time. Actual level of availability is even more — 99.983% in year 2013.

Google is providing advanced security: encrypted connection, two-factor autentification with SMS passwords, parallel data storage in several data centres, powerful spam filters and more.

When registering in Google Apps, you’ll get a corporate email with your custom domain: user@company.com

It’s daily appreciated by nearly half a billion users that work with Gmail.

Gmail has its own application for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone; other devices can access Gmail via mobile browser.

Work with Gmail in your preferred mail client, such as The Bat!, Thunderbird, Apple Mail.

Google Drive

Spacious file storage with shared access. Google Drive synchronizes files between computers and mobile devices, as well as share and collaborate on files with your colleagues. Every user is allotted 30GB of disk space (this quota is usedfor Gmail as well). If needed, the volume can be increased or made unlimited by administrator.

Standard plan for Google Apps for Work includes 30 GB of Google Drive and Gmail per each user. Some of the users can get increased disk space or an unlimited storage. Google Docs do not use this quota.

Search for needed materials with powerful in-built Google search engine. You can search by content and in documents that were shared with you by other users.

While using Google Drive on mobile devices, all the latest files versions will be at your hand, wherever you are.

Track all the edits that you or your colleagues make in the files. You can view previous versions of files and restore them if needed.

You can permit users to open, download, edit or open files. All the changes are auto-synchronized and you won’t need to compare versions and merge edits.

Synchronize your cloud Drive data with a designated folder on your PC or Mac. All the changes mafe locally will be automatically applied to Drive files, and vice versa. That way you can synchronize shared folders with your colleagues.

Google Docs

With Google Docs, you can create and work together in real time on text files, spreadsheets, forms and presentations. Latest versions of the docs will be available anywhere: in your office, at home, on trips. Work on the Docs in your browser from any PC or Mac, or from any mobile device on Android or iOS. Google Docs support import and export to Microsoft Office formats.

You see other users’ changes in real time and can discuss important issues with in-built chat and leave comments.

Search for any files by content, name masks and more with in-built Google engine.

While using Google Drive on mobile devices, all the latest files versions will be at your hand, wherever you are.

You can track all the edits and their authors, and cancel them at any time. Previous versions of the files are available forever.

You decide which rights to grant to the users: who can edit documents, view them or leave comments.

See, how Google Docs work. Just open a demo DocSpreadsheet, or Google Form.

Google Calendar

Solution for organizing the working hours of your employees, events planning, resource reservations and collective work. Your colleagues will appreciate shared calendar access, mobile devices support, Outlook synchronization and SMS reminders. Creating a shared calendar can find spare time for meetings, and smart availability function will help suggest time suitable for everyone.

You can synchronize calendars with Android and iOS devices and view them in your browser.

If your PC uses another calendar application, e.g. Microsoft Outlook®, Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird, it can be auto-synched with Google Calendar.

With Google Calendar app for Chrome you can view your working schedule and respond to invites even when offline — your calendar and invitation responses will be synchronized when the Internet access is on.

Get personalized email or sms notifications with detailed descriptions of upcoming meetings and events.

Thanks to Google Calendar, it’s now easier to work with people from different time zones. Time zones tracking function is automatically keeps track of your location and corrects the time in your calendar accordingly, and working schedule customization allows to avoid situations when colleagues the meeting during your night time.

If an another user helps you manage your calendar, you can delegate access to him: he will be able to create events, respond to invitations and manage your schedule.


Video conferences, chats and group conversations are keeping the discussions flowing, allowing to save on business trips costs. Video conference rooms can host up to 15 users, you can stream the talk to unlimited number of spectators, and you don't need an App account to take part. Hagouts can be used as a separate app or as an in-built Gmail interface feature.

Join a video conference from your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone — no boundaries!

You can share your screen during a call to show some presentation or to demonstrate how to tackle an issue. And chat window will help in quick link sharing.

Plan a video meeting by creating a Calendar event and join in in one click.

Other Services

Google Sites

For creating internal websites for your employees, projects web pages or client portal — without writing a single line of code!

Google Vault

For archiving all inbox and outbox mail and conveniet search in it.

Expansion Opportunities

Google Apps provides you with extensive API opportunities and is easily integrates with plenty of online applications. You can choose and connect the additional functionality (for example, for project management or CRM system) in Google Apps Marketplace. Or you can develop the solution with the needed functions.