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How will you benefit from using Google Apps?


Proven Expenses Cut

Google Apps for messaging and collaboration in Internet do not require specific software and hardware, as well as deep administration work. That allows you to save time and funds.

Recent Forrester research showed that Google Apps allow businesses to save 50 to 70% expenses comparring to other mailing solutions.

Access to mail, calendars, documents and files from anywhere & any device

Google Apps allows your colleagues safely and conveniently gain access to their mail, calenars, contacts, documents and other information anytime, from any place from any connected to the Internet device (or even offline!)

Google Apps support synchronization with all the major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry.

Guaranteed 99,9% continuous work

Google SLA guarantees that Google Apps will be available for 99,9 of time., so that your employees can work more efficiently without concerns about system failures and outages.

Enough storage space for all your needs

Each user will get 25 GB of storage space for the mail that will allow to save all the important letters and search for the necessary information with built-in Google engine.

Mail chains, tags and spam filters help Google maintain great efficiency in working with excessive amount of mail.

Each user also gets free 5 GB of disk space for file storage in Google Drive.If necessary, an administrator can increase that volume up to 16 TB per user.


Advanced Data Security

By entrusting Google your sensitive corporate data, you can be sure in its integrity and safety.

Google information security team consists of world famous experts. Advanced reliability of data centers is approved by our clients in various businesses.

Learn more about Google data security.

Google Apps provide businesses with these security means:

  • customizable inbox filters based on Postini technology and automatic spam filters that do not require any setup;
  • customizable outbox filters that prevent sending the sensitive confidential data;
  • access assignments and control while jointly accessing docs, calendars and websites made with Google Apps;
  • passwords length requirements settings and support of visual indicators of reliable system log in efforts;
  • continuous use of SSL connections for ensuring the safe access by HTTPS protocol;
  • two-factor authorization with one-time SMS passwords;


Learn more about security and confidentiality in Google.

Around-the-Clock Customer Support

Google Apps are extremely reliable and easy to employ. If a question arises, you can always get some help.

Support is accessible in these channels:

  • phone tech support for solving critical problems;
  • email support;
  • online glossary for non-essential issues.