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Do you consider trying Freshchat? Or maybe you already use its’ competitor? How to make sure you are picking the right solution for your needs and necessities? The final decision is always up to you, but here is some info to help you compare Freshchat to some other similar solutions.
There is no doubt that Zendesk Chat is one of the most popular chat options around the world. There are, however, moments where Freshchat outperforms its’ renowned competitor:
Freshchat Zendesk Chat

Let conversational bots kick in

Automate lead capture with bots that asks the right questions, qualifies leads, and auto-uploads them into the CRM.

Don’t gate your chat with forms

Don’t make your website chat a hurdle to access with gated forms that drives your visitors and users away.

Bring home a modern and continuous experience
Make conversations easy to initiate and categorize them into topic-based channels. Set context and the right tone with a welcome message and keep the thread accessible at all times.

Don’t make it hard for your visitors to talk to a human
Get rid of multiple call to actions that impede your visitor or user to directly talk to you. “Our representative will get in touch with you shortly” is a total nay!


Target deep with event attributes

Target with granularity using attributes like value of item in the cart or name of the case study downloaded to engage, qualify, and close.

Don’t capture basic visitor events only

Don’t just record basic event actions like time spent on the page or number of page views that only gives your team partial context.

As you can clearly see here Freshchat provides a more customer-oriented approach which is essential for seamlessly turning leads into customers.

In case you are curious about other chat solutions just browse this page further.

Does LiveChat seem to be a great solution to start the implementation of a chat to your website? Well, users often claim that LiveChat comes with hurdles and provides not only outdated design, but what is even more vital – outdated features:

Features Freshchat LiveChat
Focused conversations

Non-siloed self-service

Targeting that converts
Captures event attributes
Captures events only
24x7 lead capture

Data-driven responses

Onboarding and retention

Multi-channel messenger
In-app, Messenger & Slack
Messenger only

Same thing actually applies to Olark – it still expects supervisors to manually assign conversations to team members. If they don’t, your team members will have to pick conversations, leading to cherry picking. With Freshchat, bid adieu to manual assignment and forget what cherry-picking means. For a more in-depth comparison please visit the source link under the table.

Features Freshchat Olark
Unlimited conversation history

Unlimited contact list

Integrated FAQ



Conversation assignment based on keywords and rules

Lead collection bot

Autoload bot conversations as leads into the CRM

Custom scripts for contextual information (SmartPlugs)

Here's why our customers choose Freshchat

We began looking for a new tool in autumn and were keen to get one in place and optimised ahead of the Christmas peak period. Freshdesk ensured that the implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team were up and running within 48 hours.

Andrei Berglund

CEO at Roxor Industry

We were blown away when we saw Freshdesk. The combination of social, email, knowledge base, mobile, and gamification all together is what sealed the deal for us.

Andrew Ishin

IT Director at TSN Group

We recommend Freshdesk because it's great and their agents are determined to make it fit their customer's needs.

Anton Zikov

Customer Support Manager at Mebelion

Case Study:
Freshdesk for Vipservice

Find out how implementing Freshdesk helped Russia's large online airline ticet booking service streamline their customer support operations and gain record-breaking profits.

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For all your support needs


  • Priority Inbox
  • Message Channels
  • Integrations
  • Mobile App
  • Notifications
  • OmniChat
  • Limited Triggered Messages
  • Smart Plugs
  • In-messenger FAQs
  • Reports
  • Business Hours
  • File Attachments and Quick Access
  • Assignment Rules
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For your support+sales needs


Everything in Blossom and…

  • Unlimited Triggered Messages
  • Bots
  • In-app Messages
  • Freshsales and Clearbit Integration
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Email Campaigns
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Best value for large teams


Everything in Garden and…

  • Multiple Business Hours
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Co-Browsing
  • IntelliAssign
  • Multilingual Support
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Made for enterprises


Everything in Estate and…

  • Roles and Permissions
  • APIs
  • Apple Business Chat Integration
  • IP Whitelisting
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Freshchat FAQ:

When you sign up for a free Freshchat account, you will be on the Estate plan for the first 30-day free trial period. Post which, you can switch to Freshchat’s Sprout plan which is free upto 10 team members and 10 Monthly Unique Visitors per month. Checkout our pricing page to see a comparison of our different plans. To sign up for a Freshchat account, click here.

To switch plans,

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click Billing.

3. Click Change

4. Click Sprout Plan.

5. Click Choose Plan.

Once your Account Admin(Account Owner) creates a Freshchat account and adds you as a team member, you will receive a mail from Team Freshchat to activate your account.

To activate your account,

1. Open the mail from Team Freshchat.

2. Click Activate your Account. You’ll be redirected to Freshworks accounts page.

3.Enter your details like name, date of birth, phone number, password, etc

4.Click Activate and Login.

Team members can take different roles on Freshchat as below:

Agents: Agents can engage in conversations with customers, access the People section to proactively start conversations (in bulk or one-to-one) with end users, and edit their own profile information.

Super User: Super Users can do all the actions that Agents can do and additionally create automated campaigns for Triggered Messages or In-App engagement. Super Users can also edit FAQs.

Admin: Admins can do all the actions of Super Users and also edit any Settings on the account other than Billing and deletion of other admin users.

Account Owner (also Admin): This is the team member who signs up for a Freshchat account and is the only team member who can delete other admin team members. The Account Owner has the power to edit/access the Billing related information in addition to all functions that an Admin can perform.

To install the Freshchat messenger/widget on your website,

1. Login to your Freshchat account as an Admin.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Select Web Messenger.

4. In the Getting Started tab, you can find your embed code for the Freshchat widget.

5. Copy and paste the code under Step 1 and Step 2 into your website’s HTML source code, as given.

The Freshchat widget will now be available on your website and your visitors and customers can start interacting with you.

Got a question? Feel free to contact us!

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