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20 years of IT experience in Russia and Nordics, at your disposal. We provide cutting edge cloud services backed by our exclusive competences and European business ethics.

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We provide cloud brokerage and consultancy services, helping companies transform the business by leveraging the cloud. Our Cloud advisory services are designed to identify opportunities to embrace the cloud, develop the strategy for migration and change management, and as a result — improve our customers’ business efficiency and performance.

Cloud Leveraging

We’ll help your business establish a new level of performance: flexible, powerful and interconnected.

Strategic Consulting

We'll help you discover the potential of cloud migration, identify your growth points and devise a coherent transition plan.


We'll guide you through the complete process of going to the cloud in any desired capacity, executing the process or supervising it.


We'll consult your personnel on your business' new technical paradigm, help them get used to the new tools and environments and set their new goals.

Product Consulting

We provide complete guidance on the products we promote — and tweak them to your custom needs.


We'll help you to set up your newly purchased product and smoothly connect it to your current infrastructure.


We'll provide any necessary learning sessions for your personnel, billed by the hour.

Maintenance & Support

We'll provide you with our designated support manager who'll be responsible for the smooth and seamless work of your products.

Custom Development &

We’re capable of developing custom product tweaks or integration, personalized apps, or taking on your IT tasks.

Integration Development

We'll work on seamless connection of the products and your current app ecosystem or suggest some readymade solutions.

App & Tool Development

Need a specific function which isn't featured in the product? There's an app for that (or at least we'll make you one).


There are no identical snowflakes, as there are no identical business contexts. We'll help your products take your needs into account.

IT Outsourcing

Delegate your IT tasks to our own resources or with the help of well established partner chain. Swedbyte has wide experience from nearshoring, providing Russian resources for European based projects: both on-site and remotely.

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