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Streamline your daily operations that drive your company growth: by providing a safe, transparent and measurable environment for sales force, you’ll be able to concentrate on scaling your success without being distracted on hindrances.

If you would ask your sales force, what can be automated in their operations, you’ll get a ton of suggestions, as well as a ton of opportunities to optimize their processes. That means that choosing the right tools can lead your business to be more efficient — and grow beneficially.

Our customers report that shifting their sales paradigm to the cloud solutions speeds up their deals closing time up to 4x,  reduces sales cycle time up to 35% and increases agents’ productivity up to 60%. That inevitably is followed by substantial revenue growth.

Benefits of cloud CRM software

Customer Experience

When you have a 360° view of your prospects, you understand them better, and you make the kind of decisions that create lasting relationships with them.

More Business Opportunities

You can tap into the rich context in CRM to cross-sell and up-sell smarter. Your deals are always alive; they’re just waiting to become bigger.

Pipelines Without Bottlenecks

Spot and eliminate stale deals faster, zero in on the hottest deals, and transform your pipeline into a dynamic, updated sales engine.

Auto Data Gathering

Spreadsheets and emails expect you to enter data by default. CRMs are built to free up your time for real sales activities.

Clear Communication

Customers don’t have to repeat information, and reps can use historical context to quickly take conversations forward.

Utility Beyond Sales

Marketing and customer support teams can also use CRM software to optimize email campaigns and improve ticket conversations.

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Recommended Solutions

We utilize best-in-market solutions and are always ready to provide additional implementation, education or customization services.


Powerful CRM tool that benefits sales force and optimizes its workflow with AI-based lead scoring, built-in phone, email, activity capture and more.

Our clients love us

Previously, due to recurrent problems arising from the email server, the company lost 120 man-hours on a weekly basis. After the e-mail migration to Google, these delays were eliminated by 100%, and it was more efficient and easier to work as a team. Now we are certain: Google Apps helps the business of a company to grow steadily.

Andrei Berglund

CEO at Roxor Industry

After the free trial period, I had no doubt that Google Apps was what we needed. The implementation of Google Apps has passed quickly and without problems. Thanks to improvements in workflows, on average, productivity in the company has increased by 20%! Therefore, we can say with certainty that it was not in vain.

Andrew Ishin

IT Director at TSN Group

Due to Google Apps, the workflows and document collaboration were greatly simplified. Also working with remote branches and contractors is now a pleasure, as though we share a common workspace. Use of Google Apps has provided a significant increase in productivity by optimizing business processes.

Anton Zikov

Customer Support Manager at Mebelion

Case Study:
Google Apps in Kaspersky

Learn how Russia's leading anti-virus developer has streamlined their corporate data management and collaboration throughout the cloud.

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