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Simplify your collective workplace by driving it to the cloud: your colleagues will be able to work from any device, wherever they are. Utilize chat and conference tools to schedule company meetings and erase the physical boundaries of space — now every place can be your office.

Traditional workplace is steadily becoming unnecessary for modern and quick-paced businesses. New generations of working users need the ability to collaborate in real time from any Internet connected facility: home, co-working space, airport, cafe or public park. 

Setting up your cloud environment isn’t hard. But it’s essential to choose a reliable, secure and always available platform provider. Luckily, there are next to no downsides of migrating to the cloud.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Conversion from an office server to cloud platform eliminates costly work orders and interruptions. And you also won’t need a tech team or a consultant to fix issues.

Efficient Team Collaboration

Efficient Team Collaboration

Work together on documents with your team in real time with automatically saves in the cloud. Use the built-in chat feature to brainstorm ideas, communicateand complete projects faster and more accurately.

Enhanced Data Security

Enhanced Data Security

Unlike a typical office server, cloud server stores information in data centers all over the world. This guarantees that if one or more servers fail, your information won’t be lost, damaged or stolen and you can easily access it whenever you need to.

Streamlined Communication

Streamlined Communication

Communication is key in spread teams who use cloud platforms. That's why we have a solution for effective stable chats and video conferences that will allow you to stay on track whenever.

Computing Resource Scalability

Computing Resource Scalability

Businesses have to invest in additional hardware and specific software to upscale their onsite IT infrastructure. As businesses consume computing resources over the internet, they can easily upscale or downscale the computing resources according to their current needs.

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G Suite

Leading SaaS solution in collaborative office tasks for business. Meetings, calendars, emailing, document works and much more.

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Previously, due to recurrent problems arising from the email server, the company lost 120 man-hours on a weekly basis. After the e-mail migration to Google, these delays were eliminated by 100%, and it was more efficient and easier to work as a team. Now we are certain: Google Apps helps the business of a company to grow steadily.

Andrei Berglund

CEO at Roxor Industry

After the free trial period, I had no doubt that Google Apps was what we needed. The implementation of Google Apps has passed quickly and without problems. Thanks to improvements in workflows, on average, productivity in the company has increased by 20%! Therefore, we can say with certainty that it was not in vain.

Andrew Ishin

IT Director at TSN Group

Due to Google Apps, the workflows and document collaboration were greatly simplified. Also working with remote branches and contractors is now a pleasure, as though we share a common workspace. Use of Google Apps has provided a significant increase in productivity by optimizing business processes.

Anton Zikov

Customer Support Manager at Mebelion

Case Study:
Google Apps in Kaspersky

Learn how Russia's leading anti-virus developer has streamlined their corporate data management and collaboration throughout the cloud.

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